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It’s 21 AD., life is harsh under Roman occupation and even harder for a lonely peasant with no family or friends. Despite his miserable life, Oren seeks to better himself. But the harder he tries, the more difficult his life becomes.

But fate shines on him. A Roman Tribune offers him work.

In Jerusalem, he finds the security and stability he dreams of—but discovers it has a price. He must decide. If he refuses, it could cost him his life. If he accepts, he will lose his soul.


A Custom 10/22® Step By Step

How to Build a Custom 10/22® Budget Hunter Rifle

This book is a continuation of Building A Custom 10/22® Step By Step. In the previous book, every aspect of building a custom 10/22® rifle is discussed. This book takes that information further by illustrating how to build a custom 10/22® type rifle specifically for hunting.

If you ever thought about building a custom rabbit slayer rifle on a modest budget, this is the book for you. This book discusses all the components needed for Building a Custom Budget Hunter rifle together and why the parts were selected. The step-by-step approach will help you build one just like the one in the book or something similar to your liking. The book has detailed images of the step-by-step build project. The author explains why he used the parts he selected and other options available for a builder not on a budget.



Do you like 22 caliber rifles? Have you always wanted a cool-looking, colorful, tack-driving .22 rifle? Ever thought of building one yourself? It is easy. This book, BUILD A CUSTOM 10/22® STEP BY STEP, takes even the beginner through step-by-step instructions on how to modify, upgrade, and customize your own 10/22. With large color photos, Amilcar shows you exactly what you need to do, and how you need to do it. It won't take thousands of dollars in tools either — in fact, you probably already have all the tools you need. Decades of knowledge and experience went into the making of this book so that you can enjoy a sport that is truly fun and rewarding. Filled with references that will get you to the right places to find just what you need for your own modification, BUILD A CUSTOM 10/22® STEP BY STEP takes the guesswork out of this fun DIY project!

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Growing old with a learning disability

As a child, the author suspected there was something wrong with him. In his mid-thirties, he sought help and that is when he discovered and confirmed he had a learning disability (LD).

This book is about his experiences growing old with several forms of LD. The author writes of events that span from his childhood up to his golden years. He shares his struggles, his victories, his pains, and his joys. His story will give you an insight into the frustrations, anxieties, challenges, and depression associated with LD. The author explains how he learned to understand and accept his limitations, which helped him to live a positive, satisfying, and rewarding life.

Keeping My Name

A collection of cross-border stories

A boy’s painful experience with a gangster stepfather
A boy’s experience of the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis
The wisdom of an old man to his great-grandson
A boy wants to show the adults he is not a child
A child teaches the true meaning of sharing
Feeling lonely on New Year
A young recruit does not change his name
A narrow escape with death
Backing out of a wedding
Mother’s Day will never be the same