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GHOST MAIL by Amilcar Hernández GHOST MAIL by Amilcar Hernández

Sam Cruz is a disabled U.S. Army Ranger captain who believes in no more killing and doing what is right even if it is wrong. He wants to deliver the four letters of four rangers killed in action, because the ghost of his men haunt him. Cruz believes that delivering the letters will get rid of the ghost and keep him from going insane.

He is in a VA rehab learning how to walk again. But he has a more serious problem. A VA physiatrist thinks he is crazy and has him under twenty-four-seven observation. They screen his mail and phone calls, and they will not let him leave the facility.

His life is further complicated because someone in Washington in charge of covering up Afghanistan’s withdrawal fiasco fears he will show up in a major news network talking about the Afghanistan withdrawal. If he cannot escape he fears he will go insane but if escapes the government will send the FBI and Army Military Police after him.