Amilcar Hernández


My Writing Notes

I retired from an information technology career and looked for something to keep my mind active. Not coding and programing. I was burned out and thought of something different. High on my list of activities were fishing and shooting sports, but I questioned what I would do at home. Writing came to mind, as writing and storytelling have always appealed to me. Easier said than done. With zero writing experience, I embarked in a new chapter in my life learning a new skill.

I discovered that writing came easy for me, but I also discovered writing well is hard. Very hard, in fact. With a new found realization I bought writing how-to books and took a few on-line writing courses. I also visited a thrift store and purchased several dozen novels and read and read and read.

Here are links to some of my notes:

All of these notes and many more are in the book A WRITER'S GUIDE: An Author’s Writing Journey.